Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 1 - Provo MTC - August 18, 2015

An unexpected photo that was taken of Mitch by a friend who works in the MTC.

Hello Family! I have arrived in war. I can't believe it has already been almost a week since I was ripped from the family car straight into the MTC...It's crazy how fast time moves in here but then again at times it feels so slow haha...The mtc is mostly what i thought it would be classes all day long but i am doing well and i am enjoying every bit of it! SO I got my travel itinerary a few days ago and it says that I leave for LA on tuesday then I fly for Sydney and then strait to PERTH all of which will take over a full 24 hours of travel time haha wowwwww. but we will see what happens anything could change I guess because they havent said anything concerning my visa...

I am in a tri-companionship which makes things difficult and annoying at times but it is also a blessing at times so i am alright with it. one of my companions is Elder Kimmins he is from canada and is coming to perth. my other companion is Elder KulKarni and he is from Mapleton and is going to India so kinda a wierd mix haha. I see my friends a lot when i am in the cafeteria like chandler and brooks goekeritz and Joel and ben clark We talk and laugh and have a good time when we see eachother! Brooks was also in my zone so we so eachother a lot but he left this morning for san diego. 

The spirit in the mtc is amazing i feel more at peace here than I have in a long time. I love our teachers they are incredible seriously the nicest people ever It makes it fun to go to class becasue they make it so fun! I am learning so much every day and am getting better at teaching our TRC investigators. it feels pretty real and its such good practice! I got to watch the Character of christ on sunday and I went into that meeting with few questions that i had written down and i was ready to feel the spirit. I was ready to hear something incredible because of what everyone says about this talk! and I was NOT disappointed every question i had was more than answered. It has changed my whole mindset about what kind of a missionary i want to be and how I want the lord to look at me. The savior Jesus Christ is what our message is he is everything the spirit is so strong when we testify of him. I know that I am not out here alone when i pray I know that god hears me I feel such a strong urge to share this gospel with everyone and i want to do it like CHrist would. the words that are constantly on my mind are...Turn outward whenever your desire is to turn inward. I know that If i can apply this principle to my life the lord will be able to use me in ways i cant imagine. its crazy how fast you can lose the spirit when it is so close to you I try to have it with me at all times. I love all of you back at home and miss you so much but i know that i am on the lords time and my main goal is going to be selflessness my entire mission. Study the Characteristics Of our savior not once did he think about himslef. I love the message that i am preparing to share and i know that I am simply an instrument in the lords hands I want to give all the glory to Heavenly father and Jesus Christ. thanks to everyone who wrote me I love getting letters:) idk when i'll email next but i'm sure i'll get to tell you when I can call you at the airport love you guys!

Love Elder Cordner

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