Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 92 - Perth, Western Australia - May 22, 2017 - Good times

Family! it was awesome to see you on Mother's day, especially you mum. Because of you I have a bit of good in me today! To me, you exemplify more than anyone else I know, the pure love of Christ. I thank Heavenly Father for sending me to be taught by you:)

Well, i don't have a lot of time today....A got baptized! God performed so many miracles to get him to this point. His hand was made manifest. In the days leading up to the baptism when A was really struggling with wanting smokes, he came down with a random sickness for 3 days which just left him in bed. But by Saturday he was feeling 100%! So many little miracles...A shared his testimony with everyone at the end of the service and it was powerful. He really is very converted....He shared with everyone how he has been looking for the truth his whole life, and how all he was getting was churches that taught doctrines of ease and justification of of the reasons why he knows the church is true is because we truly invite people to change. The spirit was powerful I am super proud of him. He has put a lot of effort into preparing himself. 

My new comp is from New Zealand....Elder Tahere. He is the man! We have served around each other heaps and we've always got along really well...Back home he was in the army. He's 23 years old...i'm excited to learn a lot from him. 

We are busy as heck....Crazy, we saw some miracles this last week...we were following up with some lost sheep and found a solid part-member family to work with :) cool as! 

Really, it all comes down to whether or not Joseph Smith was a true Prophet right? Some people demand evidence that is indisputable...Has such a thing ever existed in the workings of our Father in Heaven with his Children? Have miracles ever been seen before the trials of our faith? If you believe in God you must believe in the principle of Faith, and Faith based Growth for us as His Children. There is more than enough evidence of the reality of the Prophet Joseph Smith's divine calling as Prophet, Seer, and Revelator...And if you are sincerely seeking truth there is some evidence that is border line with becoming indisputable and that's only intellectually considering things....All this because our Father loves us and wants us to return home and become like Him. I absolutely know for myself that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and such a knowledge can only come through the witness of the Holy Ghost. My mind is made up. It no longer matters what comes forth from the lies and deceit of the adversary for the next 100 years...In the words of Joseph "Who am I that I can withstand God" I feel the same, God has spoken to me and I have made the unalterable decision to listen and obey...I Invite everyone else who may not have quite made up their mind on this important matter to do so. Such an answer will only come as we seek with real intent, learning, pondering, and asking in urgency and sincerity. I testify that if we ask in Faith God will respond...Of such has been my experience time and time again. 

I love you all! have an amazing week!

Elder Cordner

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Week 91 - Perth, Western Australia - May 9, 2017 - Big Tennessee

P-Day in Lancelin - Sand dune boarding

King Louie! Heading into the depths of the Smoky Mountains! haha! It is so amazing how apparent it becomes on your mission that the people you meet and the experiences you have are all set up by the hand of God. I Know missionaries are called by the Savior himself; Firstly to Serve and Secondly to Labor in an assigned Portion of the Lords Vineyard, You are in for a Personally tailored experience! I am super Proud of Matthew for preparing better than I did and being so ready and willing to serve the short 2 years. Serving as a missionary is a blessing beyond comprehension! The experiences on the mission are extremely difficult. It will be the hardest thing you have ever done by far, but you will be so grateful for it. You are going to be a powerful Servant! I love you!

This week we had an African family of 5 from the Congo come to church! it was pretty awesome. It's always new for them since they are used to the big African choirs and the Loud "Hallelujahs" and "Praise the Lords" but I think they felt the Spirit...We have a family activity night this Friday that they are coming to so hopefully the members' fellowship will help!

Yesterday we took one of the YSA boys out with us and he started having some bowel problems. Haha...apparently he took a few laxatives earlier that day, so we had to abandon a lesson and find a toilet. It was pretty crack up. He almost lost his guts. 

I will see you's on Mothers day! Mum...I am sending you the details no worries:) Love you all! 

Oh and last p day we went up the Northern Coast to a place called Lancelin. It was massive sand dunes near the coast - sooooo pretty. I'll send some pics. 

Elder Cordner

Did I ever tell you we drive a van?