Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 14 - Kalgoorlie, Australia - November 16, 2015 - KALGOORLIE Round 3

This is the hat I just bought to shield the sun.

Wassup family:) It was good to hear from some of you! Transfers was last night and I am staying in Kalgoorlie. Actually, all 4 of us are, so there won't be any changes! I am pretty happy about this! I wanted another transfer up here. I am excited to continue to work really hard and make some differences out here! This week was really good. It started with like 5 hours of service in 105 degree heat so I got super sun burned because I wasn't wearing a collar shirt and my tender white skin was exposed to the beastly Australian sun so it was a one button undone kind of a week;) But service was good. It felt nice to go boar mode in the dirt. Well, we fasted with G this week. It actually was the same day as the service haha (we drink water when we fast - maybe because of the heat??) and G didn't feel like he received  an answer to his prayers and scripture study but he is sincerely seeking and he is willing to keep trying so that is great. I love him! 

I love working here and I am so grateful for the prophet Joseph Smith. People try to tear us down through exposing his flaws and what they think to be sins but when we bear sincere testimony of him and his real and prophetic calling the Spirit cannot be denied...We had some interesting conversations this last week :) I love you all and I love being a missionary!! Have a great week!

Elder Cordner

This is Brother HEKE.  We are best buds.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 13 - Kalgoorlie, Australia - November 9, 2015 - When it rains it pours

FAM! It was good to hear from you all and see some pics of what's going on back home. Kalgoorlie got some RAIN this week which is rare. It was flooding and the streets were rivers.  It was fun riding around in it haha. I guess when it rains in the outback it really comes down....But i don't expect to see any more rain.... This week was fun we went on a country trip to Norseman and Kambalda. These are two small country towns like 2 hours outside of Kalgoorlie. We visited the few members out there and then tracted like half the town and taught some lessons to some old redneck coots. Seriously, this was such a redneck town. We sat down with these 3 old men in this shack and while they drank and smoked in our faces, they showed us all these super cool pictures of them fishing off the coast of Australia. Haha!  These guys were such Legends! They were telling the most wild stories about sharks and crazy stuff they used to do. Haha I was laughing but the pics they showed us were really cool. It fun just cruising through the Outback. The Bush is so thick on both sides of the road in most places you can't see anything it was pretty tight. I drove most of the way.

 On Friday, we went on this food truck run to a lot of poor people in town with a cool family in our ward. The rain was poooouuuuuring that night so people would just wander out of the bush soaking wet for some warm soup. It was nice to see them happy to have some food!

We are still working with G, our atheist investigator. (As of yesterday, we actually have 2 atheist investigators) We had an awesome lesson when I was on exchanges with Elder Fowler. The spirit was very strong and after we knelt down and said a prayer, he told us that he felt very weird like he never has it a placebo or the spirit G! We will be fasting with him on Wednesday to receive an answer... I can't think of much more to say. We have found 2 people who want to be baptized but they live in Perth... so we referred them. We are working hard on trying to involve members with the missionary work.  We will LOVE them into missionary work! 

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When people are honest with themselves, they simply cannot deny our message. We go into people's homes and we absolutely testify so boldly and they know it is true but just like with Kenzie, people have their agency! They would rather go to the church with the electric guitars and a bar serving free beer!!! I know that this is Christ's church and he stands at the head...I love serving him, but I need to continue to improve in every way to be of more use to God. Love you all!  Have a mule of a week. 

Elder Cordner

Always has to be climbing something!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 12 - Kalgoorlie, Australia - November 2, 2015 - Kalgoorlie Cowboys

MY boys Craig, Jyles and Tyrone in the background. At first they hated us 
but once they realized we were (Jesus People) they utterly loved us. 

We are the Kalgoorlie Cowboys and I've been looking for a place to buy a leather Kangaroo hat to wear around but I can't find one. President says we are going to need one once it gets up to 115 degrees and's mostly just been around 100 lately but it feels so much hotter.  The Australian sun just sizzles! This week was a good one because every week is good as a MISSIONARY, although we did get our bike tires slashed because they were frustrated they couldn't steal them...(because of our 50$ locks we bought.) So the bikes are in the shop because there was some damage done to the rims and such.

We set someone on date who I had been teaching with Elder Matthews.  We lost contact with her but now Elder Jensen and I  have found her and she is excited to be baptized! Now if it was only that easy.  There are always word of wisdom problems, addictions, chastity, and tithing....but I have faith! If the Lord knows them and has prepared them, then who am I to doubt!

It sounds like Kenzie is doing wonderful.  She has a hard mission but she is so dedicated I try to be like her every day! This week's weather has been surprisingly all right with some clouds (of which are as rare as jackalopes) but it has been a blessing! I had a fever yesterday and was feeling lousy but I am feeling better today:)

I am excited for this coming week! We have a lot of good things that could happen.  Now we just need to put our trust in the Lord and Work! Thy will be done... We are starting up an addiction recovery class so we will be advertising that for the next couple weeks...I'd say 99% of this town has an addiction so we should get somewhat of a turnout. I love The Savior Jesus Christ, I love the presence and constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.  I seriously feel it almost every second of every day.  I KNOW the Lord is putting words in my mouth and assisting us in His work. I have learned you just have to rely on HIM because you will fail if you think you can do it on your own. I love you all!  Have a good week. 

Love Elder Cordner <3

ME and Elder Teffingatoto on Halloween.  We teach this woman 
who loves Halloween and she and her family LOVE US!