Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week 14 - Kalgoorlie, Australia - November 16, 2015 - KALGOORLIE Round 3

This is the hat I just bought to shield the sun.

Wassup family:) It was good to hear from some of you! Transfers was last night and I am staying in Kalgoorlie. Actually, all 4 of us are, so there won't be any changes! I am pretty happy about this! I wanted another transfer up here. I am excited to continue to work really hard and make some differences out here! This week was really good. It started with like 5 hours of service in 105 degree heat so I got super sun burned because I wasn't wearing a collar shirt and my tender white skin was exposed to the beastly Australian sun so it was a one button undone kind of a week;) But service was good. It felt nice to go boar mode in the dirt. Well, we fasted with G this week. It actually was the same day as the service haha (we drink water when we fast - maybe because of the heat??) and G didn't feel like he received  an answer to his prayers and scripture study but he is sincerely seeking and he is willing to keep trying so that is great. I love him! 

I love working here and I am so grateful for the prophet Joseph Smith. People try to tear us down through exposing his flaws and what they think to be sins but when we bear sincere testimony of him and his real and prophetic calling the Spirit cannot be denied...We had some interesting conversations this last week :) I love you all and I love being a missionary!! Have a great week!

Elder Cordner

This is Brother HEKE.  We are best buds.

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