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Week 17 - Kalgoorlie, Australia - December 7, 2015 - Greetings from the Bush

These are everywhere.

I am sorry I didn't have time to write you all an email last week hopefully I can write one that can make up for it. 

So Elder Jensen and I got our bikes stolen again....We went to follow up with an former investigator and she invited us into her backyard...We totally forgot we just left the bikes sitting in the front yard. Well, in Kalgoorlie if you take your eye off something for more than 20 seconds, I kid you not, it will be GONE. So as soon as I remembered we had left them there, I ran to check on them but they were gone....UGGGHHHH!! We were so mad at oursleves. We took the long 1 hour walk back to the flat in the blazing sun. But I was not going to just give up. We got in the car and went hunting. I knew that if we went to the most ghetto part of town we might be able to find them but we had to hurry because they always immediately take them home and spray paint the bikes a different color. So we were driving around, we said a prayer and kept driving and just as I was about to give up, we rounded the corner and there in gleaming orange was Nemo, my bike and with a mole riding on top contaminating her. He immediately saw our white shirts and he took off. But he was not quick enough. I throttled the car into park and before Elder Jensen had time to take a second breath, I was sprinting full speed down the road after him. Haha! I was screaming at him telling him to get the heck off. Well, he was bewildered when a man in slacks, church shoes and a tie caught up to him and as I reached out for him I saw the fear in his eyes. Just before I throttled him off the bike he jumped off and went smacking to the ground. I figured since I am a missionary, I should just take the bike and let him go but I felt like doing a little more. He went sprinting off with his buds but the good news was I retrieved Nemo. Somehow, later in the week, Elder Jensen retrieved his bike also because someone put up a facebook post because apparently the kids who stole the bikes got scared of us so they ditched his over a fence. We were blessed to get them back. That would not have been a fun call to the head office:(
After I reclaimed Nemo

Other than that, we have been working really hard on finding new investigators. It's hard but I know as long as we are just doing our best and going boar mode every day, that that is all we can do. The rest is up to the Lord and his timing. We had a ward Christmas party the other day and we got A LOT of less active members and a few investigators to come. It was super good for them to see and meet everyone in a setting like that. The zone leaders are coming up from Rockingham today so we are about to leave and go pick them up they are staying up here till Wednesday. Should be fun:)

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

As we approach Christmas time, my thoughts have been heavily turned to the Savior. I have been reading all of the talks from last General Conference every spare second that I have had. My testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ, and his role in each of our lives, individually, has grown each day as I have read, pondered, and prayed seeking greater faith, understanding, and power. I want you all to know that I know more so now than I ever thought I could know, that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. It is ONLY in and through him that our souls can find peace and fulfillment in this life and in the life to come. I testify to you all that I know Jesus Christ's Church is on the earth in its fullness. I testify of Christ and His Gospel every day, and it doesn't matter if people mock me to my face, or swear and tell us to go away, the Spirit confirms my words to my heart. Matt 28-30 has been written on my heart this past week. Christ is the only way. 

I love you all and thanks for all the letters and support. Have an amazing week:) 

Last P-Day in the Bush

We found these massive gold mine shafts in the middle of the bush. 
They are so deep. When we dropped rocks they never hit the bottom to our knowledge. Haha 

Doing the Haka

This is Tai. He gives us smooth hair cuts. 
This is L and her partner J and their three children.

L did not want her picture taken.

BBQ with J

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