Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 19 - Kalgoorlie, Australia - December 21, 2015 - SEASONS GREETINGS!

This morning me and Elder Fowler ran like 5 K's to a members house worked out, 
ran home and got on the bikes went to play bball for 2 hours and then rode our 
bikes to the church. Haha I feel good! I have lost a lot of weight by 
the way Haha mostly just muscle. The other elders just followed on their bikes. 

So first thing first.... skyping will commence at 6pm on Christmas eve...for you guys. It will be 9 o 'clock in the morning here! So hope that works for you guys! You will have to step away from the prime rib for a few minutes but I will keep it quick so you guys can get back to your festivities;)

So President Fife was down here on Wednesday and we were a little nervous. He brought with him his RM son who is like 25 and went to Brazil on his mission. So the night he got here (he flew in) we rode our bikes to a restaurant where he treated us to a meal (a delicacy only country missionaries have the privilege of enjoying) but then the next morning we met early at our flat for studies with President which was really awesome. He just dropped atomic doctrine bombs on us! Then all day he went out with Elder Jensen and I and his son went with the other Elders. We had prepared a super solid day with tons of appointments so we pretty much just drove from appointment to appointment. He really helped us with some concerns the people we are working with have that are surrounding marriage and baptism and stuff like that so it all went super good! He was very impressed with the day and went on his way! So I guess it was a successful exchange! 

Not much else this week that I can recall. I can't wait to skype you guys on Christmas Eve in America:) Thanks for all the letters they are much appreciated! I hope all of you have an amazing Christmas.  While you are bundled up by the fire with the delicate snow flakes falling sipping on a cup of cocoa, think of my dust covered face and chapped lips biking through the Australian bush. 

I love this true and living Gospel. I love Kalgoorlie and serving the people with everything I have! Don't worry about me getting enough to eat this Christmas. The Polynesians will have that one covered....I am sure I will eat more Pig this christmas than any of you:) I love you all MERRY CHRISTMAS!


P-Day with Zone Leaders

These pics are from our country trip to Leonora and Laverton.  Elder Preston from NZED and 
I were in Laverton. It was one of the coolest days of my mission. We saw miracles this day.

Elder Preston and I were driving back from Laverton to Leonora and a 
wild dingo ran across the road in front of us and this is the shot we got! haha

Creepy cemetery.... btw...sorry I am not very sentimental and did not send you all 
christmas gifts.I have always struggled to do awesome stuff like that:( sorry and yes 
I got the ties in the mail thanks so much! but I haven't gotten the other 
package. don't worry tho I don't even care. I love you all:) 

Elder Fowler and I on exchanges. Some guy we visited gave us some peppers. 
That little crusty brown one is the hottest in the world.. even smelling it saddled me haha.
(It looks like Elder Fowler just ate the hottest one:)

The Solipas the Iosefas and T from Samoa and NEW ZEALAND.

A and his bike.  (Yes...I know Mitch needs to get some longer shorts!)

And I took a pic of these plumerias for you least 
thats what they smelled like:) love you mom:) (My favorite flower:) Thanks Mitch)

Christmas caroling!
Made a birthday cake for a member.

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