Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week 45 - Gosnells, Southern River Zone, Western Australia - June 19, 2016 - CHANGES

HEYYYYY!!! Man, It was sweet to hear of all the awesome things that have gone down back home in the last 2 weeks:) I loved hearing about Elder Andersen at Stake Conference. What a Special experience! You are all so blessed to have observed him and learned from him. I Imagine that it was a very cool experience for Dad to work so close with him. I loved hearing from all of you about what it was like! I am not surprised that he loved President Fife, EVERYONE DOES haha.

I saw Design Builds new equipment haha suuuucccchhhhh a DECKER! so Eaglizing!

Well, a few things have changed for me here. Elder Matautia got called as an Assistant so he left and I got the old Assistant Elder Daniel. He is from North Carolina and this is his last transfer on the mission. He is a freaking good missionary so I am blessed to learn from him right before he leaves...hahahaha so yes this pretty much means I will stay in Gosnells for at least 2 more transfers! but honestly I love it! I am excited to make things happen in a bigger way!

M and J are doing pretty good. They want to take it slower because they are so new to Christianity but we just need to get them to church so they can feel the spirit there! They came to a ward activity on Saturday so that was awesome...

J and K are still on date for the 29th of July and J came to church yesterday! WAHOOO! He liked it! He has made some good friends from going to the Wednesday night activities. K has some issues at the moment. We will continue to work with her.

OVERALL things are moving forward in a really good way. We are working with some solid people and we are gonna see some cooool things happen this transfer.  We have also started up an English class. The fiirst one is this Thursday so we are pumped about that.

I love all of you so much! It was awesome to hear about all the things going on back at home! I am so blessed to have family like you guys!

It is sad to see the disintegration of families all around me. The truth to having a strong family is always putting God first, above everything else! I have parents that have taught me that and I am forever thankful! Have a good week! Love you guys:)


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