Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 67 - Lockridge, Dianella Zone, Western Australia - November 21, 2016 - Thanksgiving Down Undah!

Last Thanksgiving I had a massive feast in Kalgoorlie with an American Family. Doesn't look like we will be quite as blessed this year:) Good to hear from home! Sad to hear LP lost in the Finals. That's 2 years in a row isn't it??? Anyways, I can't say much since my senior year we got throttled first game of the playoffs...

This was a super GOOD week. We are still working with R from Afghanistan. He is doing soooo good! He came to church again and loved it! For the third hour we took him and his friend H and another member into a room and taught the Restoration and the Law of Chastity. The Spirit was strong and smashed through the slight language barrier. R is such a humble man. He feels the fruits of the Spirit and he wants to change his life! It is so cool to see how quickly he makes changes. He has 100% completely stopped drinking alcohol, tea, and coffee and is sooo willing to change whatever he needs to, to be baptized. He is the man! 

We called President last night to talk to him about interviewing R. Please pray that everything will work out:) The only road block we can see is President not clearing him for baptism because of his previous religion.

K has been struggling. Apparently church on Sunday isn't quite as exciting as a rap concert or the club? But we are working with him!

Just tracting and contacting heaps trying to use a lot of unique approaches seeing what works well among different kinds of people...I find great satisfaction as I teach, testify, and give people a clear and simple chance to either accept an invitation to come to know if what we share is true??? If the blessings we speak of are real??? Sometimes we can get people to the point where they understand that it is their own pride, laziness, or lack of desire that is putting a pavilion between them and their Father in Heaven.

I have been smashing the general conference talks. We just got the hard copy. Reading through it my favorite two talks are Elder Ballard's and Elder Bednar's.....I love  Elder Ballard's point of "Where would you go if you left the church????" "To where would you turn???" Serving here in Australia, I have witnessed the results of people abandoning God and refusing to believe life has a purpose.... I would never want to trade with them. I thank Heavenly Father for the undeserved, unending blessings of my life. I am forever and eternally indebted to Him! I love you all! Remember How blessed you are! Even if your life seems in shambles you have the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That alone is  a blessing; an understanding greater than any worldly amount of wealth, comfort, or education. 

Elder Cordner

Elder Jakoselam, a missionary from the Philipines, carving some fresh sugar cane.

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