Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 65 - Lockridge, Dianella Zone, Western Australia - November 7, 2016 - Muslim Convention and Summer

Hey guys, Its been a while since i have really written so I''ll try to remember some details to try to make it interesting...

President Fife had Elder Jackson and I go to a Muslim Convention in the city to represent the Church...It was quite interesting from songs in Persian to Rebukes from the Koran. The Representative of Australia was there and he told us that he had met Dr. Hinckley and presented him with a Koran. Pretty awesome!

The same night of the Convention we had a sports night for our ward that we had invited some of our gators to but right when we were about to leave the building, they closed the doors and guarded them and started showing a documentary on their leader they call "HIS HOLINESS." They believe that when Christ was on the cross he was really in a coma and he continued to live, traveled down to India and lived the rest of his life. Anyways, we missed the sports night that we had put together. Luckily the sisters had our backs:) 

We have been teaching a Polynesian kid named K and he is going well. He has come to church twice now and we are helping him to move his baptism date forward. Right now he wants to get baptized the 1st of Jan...  We had Zone conference which was awesome! President Fife's mortal hero is Joseph Smith. He talked about him a lot...I also Love the Prophet Joseph! He is my hero!

We had a cool miracle. There is an Afghan who got baptized into the church about a year ago and we have been visiting him. He lives with like 5 other guys from Afghahnistan. We were talking to one the other day who had come to church the previous week and he just opened up to us telling us how he really felt something powerful at church. He said he wants to change his life and become a Christian! It was awesome! So we are working with him and helping him to come to church again!

The work here in our area is pretty usual. We are trying to contact 100 people a day which for our area basically means tracting and contacting all day...There aren't very many people out walking around... I love being a Servant of the Lord so much! The happiness this Gospel brings cannot be emulated by the world...I love you guys!!!

Elder Cordner

My nametag at the Muslim Convention.

D Will

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