Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 62 - Lockridge, Dianella Zone, Western Australia - October 17, 2016 - Winter For You Summer For Me:)

The weather is perfect these days here in Perth - not too hot not too cold. Probably around 75 degrees most days...but I know better than to get comfortable. The scorching Egyptian Heat is just around the corner:) Good to hear from you guys...S/O to King for winning Sir Knight! I watched the vid! Haha! I was cracking up at Chadwick doing a jig in the corner! You are such an Eagle LOUIE! 

Don't have too much to say since I just wrote...

We have some part member families that have been coming to church pretty regularly so right now we are really focusing in on them. They just need to take that step of faith and Follow the Savior into the water...

This one Mauri dude is about to get married to a member his name is M. He works in the mines; always flying in and flying out but we are going over to see him this weekend...

We are teaching an 18 year old kid from Congo he is super interested but just got baptized like a few weeks ago into a different church so it should be interesting bringing that one up!

I just finished the Book of Mormon again...I know its true; no doubt about it...

While I have logically studied different religions and beliefs throughout my mission, it has become obviously apparent that if there is a God, this is his Church. With the depth of understanding and eternal perspective this gospel gives, everything else just doesn't cut it...Not even beginning to mention the far more important spiritual witnesses I've experienced.  

I love being a missionary, The peace I feel can't be explained! I have faith that God will perform mighty miracles here!



Some guys from Afghanistan we are teaching.

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