Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 95 - Perth, Western Australia - June 12, 2017 - you can't stop time

Elder Tahere and I  are pretty sore today. We did a boxing workout with some guy we met the other day and it was intense (not punching each other don't worry)! so we have been trying not to laugh much the past 2 days to avoid searing pain from how sore we are haha...

This week was pretty normal. We had some exchanges with the zone leaders which was awesome...I was with Elder Brown from the Cook Islands and Elder Nichols from New Zealand. We had a mean time together and smashed the work...Elder Brown and I started teaching M's oldest son P and put him on date. It was cool because the circumstances he was in that day was a direct answer to our specific prayer! Specific prayers bring specific blessings!

At night, if our appointments fall through, we just hit the city fully loaded with cards, pamphlets, Books of Mormon and we just go ham talking to everyone trying to get return appointments....On the weekends the clubbing life is pretty lively so we deal with quite a few intoxicated individuals. We have some good laughs....

I hope you all have a good week at Powell! I will be there in Spirit (cry a tear) haha all good! There is no where else I would rather be than here dedicating my life to the Savior! I can't believe mum and Dad go into the MTC in 2 Saturdays! What a spiritual Feast that will be! It's funny to think that my parents will be slapping on a name tag just like me in a few days! haha:) In a little over 2 weeks you will all join me South of the equator! 

This is Christ's Church. What a blessing it has been in my life to hold on to Eternal Truths and Absolutes in a world of changing morals and values. I love the Savior! I know he Atoned for our Sins and sufferings and He now Lives Triumphant over sin and death. I Know this because the Holy Ghost has impressed it upon my heart in a permanent way. The Greatest desire of my heart is to Live my life as a representative of Christ and to assist in drawing all men unto Him. I am so thankful for Parents who Have paid the Price to really KNOW the Savior...This has forever changed me...

I love you all! Think of me as you cruise through those canyons and baste in the sun! 

Elder Cordner 

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