Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 4 - Kalgoorlie, Australia - September 7, 2015 - War

HEY Fam! hows it going? It's been a good week here in the outback. I don't have much time sorry! this week we have just been riding our bikes around in the sun doing the work. we have quite a few investigators right now so we go visit all the time.  J is stuggling a bit with the word of wisdom but we have a few others who are progressing so I will keep you informed on those! we get fed heaps here. the members literally get angered if we don't stuff our faces.  some nights we end up eating like 3 dinners because they bring it over or we stop by and they make us feed! haha sounds like kenzie is doing awesome. I love reading her letters. can i get davis and dallins letters? I'm out of time but I love this gospel. I love the book of Mormon and I testify that the book of mormon is the word of god and that it came forth the way Joseph smith said it did. I love the Savior Jesus Christ and I feel the love he has when I am in people's homes trying to help them feel his love. This past week I was telling a man named J that he is not lost and that Jesus Christ's atonement is there for him in his life. he didn't believe me. I felt strongly inspired to tell him that as he is meeting with us even with all the bad things he has done in his life and the things he thinks he can't be forgiven of, I told him that as he was willing to sit with us and try to improve his life, the savior is already forgiving him of his sins. The spirit was powerful as the lord used me to speak his words. J looked at me after with tears in his eyes and said "wow i've never felt the spirit that strong" I love serving the Lord and I know I am far from perfect but if i put forth my best effort Heavenly father can use me to speak to his children. I love all of you and have an amazing week. 

Love Elder Cordner

Questions I asked Mitch - 

How long do you have to read and write emails?  I have like an hour or like an hour and a half. 
Do you share an apt. with the other elders in your city?  no we have our own appartment. 
Are you riding a bike now even though you couldn't take your bike on the train? yes I have a piece of junk bike that has been here 70 years haha. 
What kind of food are you eating?  SO much food you cant even comprehend.
What is your mission president like?  Pres Fife is unreal so annimated and cool but very serious. I like him a lot. 
Do the members have you over to eat every day? not every day but a lot because they love us. 
Where is your companion from?  he is from melborne but he is originally from new zealand. 

Some old man's trailer - he let us in.

Zone leaders came up and it happened to be Elder Matthew's birthday.

I found a whip. haha.

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