Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 6 - Kalgoorlie, Australia - September 21, 2015 - sup doko

HIIIIIII family! It's been a great week here in the bush! I loved reading Dallin's and Davis' letters and what!!! (Dallin and Davis are Mitch's cousins.  Dallin is serving in the Africa, Uganda/Rwanda mission and Davis is serving in the Ecuador, Guayaquil South mission) The Galapogos Islands! haha! That's like a mission you only dream of! That is so cool! Good on ya Elder Jenkins! And Dallin and Mckenzie seem like they are doing great also!

SO this week we had a few conferences in which I loved and learned a lot. We have to skype into the conferences so when President FIfe asks me a question, everyone just looks at the computer screen and I have to answer. haha! It's pretty funny. Everyone is in Perth and we are just out here in the middle of nowhere. 

But this week was a good one. 2 of our investigators came to church, which was Stake Conference for us. It was good! They loved it and said that they will be back next week! Yes! We stopped by to visit one of our friends LW to see how he is doing. We had some leftover food so we brought it by for him. We were talking outside of his tent when all of a sudden all these cars come cruising up and heaps of Aboriginies jump out and start yelling for joy and going hog wild! haha! Elder Matthews and I were just looking at each other and they started trying to yank a creature out of the van. Hahaha! I was laughing my head off because all of a sudden they yank out this squealing echidna. It's like an Australian porcipine kinda. haha They were so happy because they were going to sing it a special tribal song until it uncoiled out of its ball and then they were gonna stab it and cook it and eat it with their tribe! Anyways, I'll send some pictures of that.  They were thrilled to have this great meal! 

I love being a missionary. I love riding my bike in the sun all day for my Heavenly Father. I love the people here and even though it takes a lot of patience teaching the less actives I love them. I will never quit. I'm thankful for the opportunity and I love this gospel and what it does to people's lives and hearts. I testify that God is all powerful and all knowing. If you lack wisdom do as James directs and ask God...The promise that he will answer you was put in the Bible and Book of Mormon over and over again for a reason. The scriptures don't lie. One of my many mottos for my mission is now "not my will but thy will be done".

Love Elder Cordner I love all of you and your letters! 

We went to this place out of Kalgoorlie like an hours drive.... on the way to Orabanda. 
....and in the bar in orabanda....we taught the people who owned it. (Of course, instead of getting a 
lovely picture of the people he taught, he opted for a picture of him pretending to order something at the bar)

Elder Matthews rebuking the ward.

In the skull shirt is my boy LW. Haha! He said a prayer with us on the streets and he 
started out by saying "Dear God, You da boss!"

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  1. Dying!! "Dear God, You da boss!" What cool people out there!