Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 7 - Kalgoorlie, Australia - September 29, 2015 - Blithering war

Hello family!!! Hope everyone is doing swell. It was a public holiday yesterday so today is P day. It was a good week; a little slower because appointments kept falling through but every week is good as a missionary! Elder Matthews just pretty much buzzed my head back at the flat because the heat is simply starting to get far to bewildering. haha, and I thought I'd save a couple bucks:) Well we have been teaching a part member family but mostly just the wife. Her name is L and she really wants to get baptized. The only problem is she is not married...(not very many people are married here) so we are trying to work through that but she is GOLDEN. I love reading all the letters from Kenzie and from all the cousins in the craziest places across the world! Makes me smile! Well, transfers is this next Sunday so we will see what happens. From what other missionaries tell me Pres Fife is pretty unpredictable. 

Yesterday I gave some training at district meeting it was all on Alma Chapter 37. I would encourage all of you to read this. It is incredible. Pres Fife has been saying that the Lord wants to do HUGE things here in WA and I believe him! I know he was called by God to be the mission Pres at this time in the Perth Australia mission! When Elder Pierson of the Seventy came a few weeks ago he said that this mission has had BIG problems in the past and he knows that we were all sent here for a specific change everything. Anyways, the work is about to explode here in WA. It is all dependent on our faith...I KNOW that the Lord can do whatever he wants here. I will never doubt him. Some funny things happened this week but idk if I have time to tell you. Elder Matthews and I laugh so hard every day.  I love being a missionary. I know that I have been called here to WA for a reason and I know that as I put my faith in the Lord and then work my butt off he will do his work through me. 

I don't have much else to say....I love all of you. I know that Jesus Christ leads His church personally and I CANNOT WAIT for general conference! Couldn't be more excited! We get it a week late though:(  I testify that if we can stop worrying about pleasing others and what everyone around us thinks and we start only considering what our Heavenly Father thinks of us he can start to make us into a WHOLE NEW PERSON. When we only care what others think of us that is called PRIDE and is deadly sin that can consume anyone. I know that as we rely on the Lord and put ALL of our trust in him, only at that point can he truly start to mold us into what he NEEDS us to become. I love you all I love all of your letters. Pray for L and J to soften their hearts. 

Elder Cordner

Funny stories that happened:  Yesterday we saw an old man in a wheel chair type thing and this old lady like 90 years old from Germany was trying to push him through some pot holes in the dirt...haha so we went over and helped and agreed to push him to his house a few streets down. So I start pushing him through these pot holes in the dirt and all of a sudden a wheel on the wheel chair collapses and he goes man down! haha eagle down sooo man down i can't i dive underneath him to lessen the impact hahahaha. and he's just sitting on the dirt and can't move so we were like OH HECK are you ok????? haha but it turned out all good. The german lady was yelling at him in German the whole time but idk you had to have been there. We were laughing all day. Also we saw LW again and he asked us if we could give him a car haha ummmm sorry lyle.... 

 In the bush - Elder Matthews burned a tie for his 6 month mark and 
Elder Fowler burned a shirt for his year mark. haha. 

On exchanges with Elder Fowler..coolest guy - an American haha We had a good day. 

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