Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 8 - Kalgoorlie, Australia - October 5, 2015 - Blg Changes

How is everyone doing back in the U S of A??? Sounds like things are cooling down and Fall is on the way! Mannnn I love Fall! That's something I will NOT see here. haha...It was a great week here and yesterday we had L and J come to Sacrament Meeting. Since it was Fast Sunday, Elder Matthews and I said a prayer that they would really feel the Spirit. It ended up being the most solid and spiritual meeting that I have attended since being here. It was awesome and our investigators had a great experience. We were hoping for more to come but you know how that goes haha. L's kids aren't used to church so we helped them color and stuff while she listened. SOOOOO There are some changes as you know. There are four of us out here in Kal and 2 are leaving. Elder Lowe, the District Leader is leaving and Elder Matthews is leaving for Rockingham...Elder Fowler and I will  be staying, Elder Fowler's comp is from the Islands. President called us last night and asked to speak to me...I have been made district leader here in Kalgoorlie and I will also be going down to Perth tomorrow ( all of us will) and I will be training a brand new Elder! haha I was blown away when he told me this because I haven't even finished my own I have a lot to think about. haha I'm a little nervous because Kalgoorlie is so far out here and we are on our own with not much contact with any other missionaries, only through texting...I know the area pretty good but now I have to train a new missionary out here and be district leader sooo we'll see how this goes. I am sure and I trust that the Lord will qualify me.... SO we all go down to Perth tomorrow morning on the train:(:(:( 8 hours......and then I will be there until like Friday getting training and going to my son's orientation. So should be a fun week in PERTH! haha Maybe escape the heat! but I am excited to really see what the Lord wants done in Kalgoorlie....I feel bad for my son because I am going to work him like a baboon hahaha...He will be shocked by the desert heat. I love this gospel and I trust in the Lord. I hope I can CHOOSE to be humble instead of the alternative -  be COMPELLED. I know that if I do my part the Lord can work through me and my imperfections. I love you all so much! Thanks for all the prayers! I know that the extened fam always prays for the family missionaries! 

TIll next week:)

Elder Cordner

This is Master...that is what he demands we call him. haha great guy!

We went to an aboriginal community called Ningamia. This is the entrance.  
We blessed a very sick baby and talked to them about Jesus. 
An aboriginal woman showed up at church yesterday because she was 
touched that we blessed the very sick 1 year old. 

Buzzed my hair because of the heat.

This is T.  At another house, Elder Matthews got bit by a dog.
We were walking up to a door and the dog looked friendly
until we walked through the gate.  It charged us and I scattered
and it just pegged Elder Matthews.  He kind of kicked him in the head.
He's fine though.  It didn't break skin.  I wont send pics of the other
parts of the camp its pretty bad:(  The poverty is really sad. 

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