Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 9 - Kalgoorlie, Australia - October 12, 2015 - Back into mule mode

The new incoming "Goldens" and their trainers

It has been a very exciting and eventful week here in WA. We went down to Perth on Tuesday and stayed with the Assistants that night. Then we had meetings the next morning for trainers. I got assigned to spend that night and the next day with Elder Zink. I wish I had pictures but I left my camera at the flat. Elder Zink is training too, and we got along so good! haha It had to have been one of the funnest few days on my mission hanging out with him. We went contacting in downtown Perth because he is the District Leader down there. Man, we had a good time. He's from New Zealand. 

The next day we got assigned to our new Goldens (we don't call them greenies here) and it was funny because I stood across from my MTC companion and several that were in my district that were visa waiting in California. But no I did not get one of them. I got Elder Jensen from American Fork Utah. I have never met him before but he is really nice and we get along well. The next day we saddled back up to ole Kalgoorlie. haha Perth was really cool and I am excited to go back "some day". 

Everything is good! I just got cleared to drive in Australia and I was driving all around in downtown Perth on the "wrong" side of the road but I'm pretty much a pro now. We have a car up here too that we share between the 2 companionships. We don't use it much though, usually only when we leave Kalgoorlie and go out to the other remote towns. 

General Conference was amazing! I loved all of the talks especially President Monson's. When he spoke I felt the Spirit telling me that he speaks with Jesus Christ directly. It was such an uplifting weekend and I can't wait to get the Ensign (if we ever do  - they forget that we exist out here). It has been good to train myself and also train someone else. I can tell you I am going to be really pushing myself out here for a while but I know that as I do so, the Lord will not leave me to fend for myself. I feel the Savior near me EVERY DAY.  I love the mission!  I have much to work on but as I boldly stand and testify of the Savior I know that the Lord will qualify me to do His work. When people are screaming at us and swearing and cursing God, it is my sacred privilege to stand as a representative of Jesus Christ and defend his name. I will always defend My Savior.  How could I not? It is as simple as the General Authority who gave the talk about the shark reef barrier in Australia. Those who sin will never find happiness and lasting peace. Those who serve the Savior, Jesus Christ will be uplifted and strengthened in their trials, and blessed with things both temporal and spiritual. The trials will never cease. That is just how life MUST be, but those who humble themselves and submit their will to God's will, will never, ever be forgotten because HE knows exactly how it feels to be utterly forgotten and forsaken. I love this restored Gospel! It is a sign of God's love and  mercy for him to allow someone like me to serve and represent him...This is truly how I feel. You Guys are all the best! I love you!  Have the best week as you look constantly to serve others:)

Love Elder Cordner

Me and my new Golden (Greenie) stepping off the train into Kalgoorlie.


  1. That's my son Elder Jeremy Jensen next to him!

  2. That's my son Elder Jeremy Jensen next to him!