Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 33 - Gosnells, Southern River Zone, Western Australia - March 29, 2016 - Kenzie's Home!

Man, it was sweet to look at all the pictures of everyone gathered together to welcome Sister Cordner home! I watched the video of her seeing everyone for the first time and it made me smile HUGE. Happy for all of you but I am glad I am out here:) Heard from several people Mckenzie gave an awesome talk and shared some cool experiences...well done.
This week I don't have heaps to say cuz I just wrote a few days ago but, we had dinner last night with some people from New Zealand.  They are actually Seventh-Day Adventists so we will see how things go but Elder B and I made some mean bbq wings and took them over to add to the FEED that they had prepared. They LOVED our chicken I made some spicy ranch dip for them just like at buffalo wild wings haha! They just kept saying over and over "Cuz this Chicken Gangsta G' haha they LOVED it - gobbled it all up. But it was good! We talked about our beliefs and we have a good relationship with them now so we are planning on inviting them to church...
Easter has been good here.  We missed our ward gathering because we had to deal with missionaries who were acting like punks. Elder Brinkerhoff and I are staying together another transfer! haha We thought for sure he was leaving! We are happy tho! At the end of this transfer he is going to have been here for 10 and a half months lol. We have work to do!
The other day during studies I was reading in the New Testament (which I am trying to finish) and the thought just came to me to read Ether 4...I didn't even know what chapter that was but I turned to it and God just spoke to me through the Book of Mormon...It was a neat experience. It would be nice if I could always follow those quiet little promptings. I love all of you! It was great to see all the pictures! Have a nectarizing week.
Elder Cordner

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