Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 52 - Gosnells, Southern River Zone, Western Australia - August 8, 2016 - Humility is Key!

It's down pouring rain here in Perth like nothing else. What's the weather like in Utah??? Probably 90's hot summer day ehh??? Well it was a decent week. My new comp and I are going to war on the daily and loving it! I've been in this area for sooo long the members are starting to say, "Oh, you're still here?" when they see me on Sunday. Haha, it's funny. I have gotten to the point where when we ride up roads that we are always on I can pretty much just call out people by their first names by the hundreds and they respond with, " Oh, Hey Cordner." Pretty crack up. 

Something I have noticed over and over again in our area is that God is not afraid to severely humble people to situations and circumstances in their lives where they will listen to us. You could say a lot of the people that are willing to hear us out and apply the Gospel to their lives are those that are currently at rock bottom.  Our Heavenly Father Knows what is best for each of us in the long run even if that means passing through mortal personal Gethsemanes. I also know that God is preparing those who are not as humble or who don't feel an immediate need to reach out for help. That is often where it is up to us as missionaries to be POWERFUL instruments in the Lord's hands and instead of trying to do things our way, doing it His way. It reminds me of Alma and Amulek rebuking the mule out of Zeezrom. He was in no way humble nor did he feel any immediate need for comfort or help. In fact, the people of Ammonihah LOVED HIM! haha but because Alma and Amulek listened to the spirit, Zeezrom became astonished. He knew they could discern his thoughts and it shattered his pride, broke down his walls and led him to what we might suppose was a devoted life as a disciple of Christ. That is what I want to be - a Powerful tool in the hands of God that can be used to do some serious Aussie humbling:) haha!

I finished Jesus the Christ and the New Testament this week! I LOVED BOTH and learned heaps! Soooo kinda sad news but we are still really hopeful, M is back in the hospital and she could be required to stay up to 4 months:( We are praying for her. We gave her a blessing and we are fasting for her SO we are super Hopeful things will turn out:) God has a plan. We are teaching soooo many Chinese people at the moment they all have similar concerns that are hindering their progression. The Chinese men tend to be quite logically inclined and have a hard time tapping into their spititual side, largely because of their backgrounds growing up atheist and all, but pray for our Chinese investigators:) I love you allI  I love this work! Keep being Lights to this Darkening world! Have a MEAN WEEK! OFATU

SORRY, I just pulled out my camera to send heaps of photos cuz i know its been a while and my battery was dead!!!! I am sorry next week for sure!!!


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