Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week 53 - Gosnells, Southern River Zone, Western Australia - August 15, 2016 - The glass is half full.

SOOOO i have passed the 1/2 way mark of my service as a missionary. Crazy how fast it goes- then again it's crazy how slow it goes. Haha! They say the days go like years, the weeks like months and the years like days. First off, Congrats to Ryan! I heard he gave a MEAN talk and is being sent on his way shortly. I still haven't heard which MTC he is going to?? Anyways, I love you Ryan and thanks for making the Jenkins' missionary clan a trio again!

Being half way done has caused me to reflect a lot on how I want the rest of my mission to go...and who I want to become. I have decided that personally I have a strong vision of who I want to become and how I want things to go but I lack a bit in the goal setting and accomplishing sphere...something i will be working on this next year.

We are super busy! We found a man named K from Pakistan who had questions about the atonement which we answered and now he is really interested and that is awesome. K is doing really good she hasn't missed a day at church since she got baptized. M is still in and out of things are going great. We are just pushing forward and trying to be well rounded missionaries that hit the work from every angle! I love you guys! My computer is timing off and there is a huge line behind me so this is farewell for this week have a good one!!!!

Never mind- I jumped on a different computer:) Chase has returned with HONOR! That's awesome! I am proud of that guy! Give him a big ole nectorizing hug for me:) School is starting up for all of YOU! Can't believe the little twinsies are seniors...Is anyone taking Mr. Mangum?? haha That was the best class of all! WE are working more with J- K's 15 year old boy. We had a super powerful lesson and the spirit spoke super bold to him through me and he felt the spirit powerfully for the first time ever.  I was honestly surprised how firmly the spirit prompted me to speak to him but it really touched him and had an impact- so we will see what happens.

My comp and I are honestly swamped with different stuff this week. It's probably the busiest I have been on my whole mission so things could get interesting....



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