Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 54 - Gosnells, Southern River Zone, Western Australia - August 22, 2016 - HI

Hey Fam:) Loved seeing the pics of the fun time in Cali. Looked like a blast! Every time I see a pic of Maddy I am baffled at how much older she looks! Haha crazy! Just an update Dad, I may or may not have grown an inch out here so if I am taller than you when you next see me don't feel too bad.

I feel like I don't have heaps to share with you guys ever! Haha! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have been in the same area for over 8 months! haha! and I could totally see President keeping me here another transfer so I am bunkering down for the long HAUL. I have grown to loooove the area tho. It will always be a special place for me:) and I'm not letting up one bit just so you know.

But this week, I went on exchanges with my old mate, Elder Matautia. We were down in the heart of Perth city cuz that's the assistants' area. It was raining like no tomorrow and we were on bikes. We were just cracking up! It was a good day. In the city we just go to the most populated areas and hand out cards with pictures of Christ and try to talk to anyone who will give us their time of day. It's interesting to see the pride of the world in it's true form....What gets me past all my fears and hesitancies is remembering who I represent...I will never be Ashamed taking upon me the name of Christ.

K's son J came to church yesterday. It's a challenge getting the young men to fellowship....but I don't completely blame them. I remember how I was at that age:) Things are going good! I LOVE Serving the Savior. I love the peace this true Gospel brings. 
An interesting insight about the culture here - a lot of people have had very bad first experiences with organized religion and that's what has really turned people off and made them atheists plus all the bogus "so called" Christian churches sure do a good job at painting a ridiculous first impression of true Christianity. People have pathetic experiences with Catholic schools growing up and with priests doing ridiculous things...It's annoying! Anyways, what I am trying to get at is a lot of the time straight from the get go we as missionaries within the first few minutes of talking to someone have to climb out of the hole that other Christian churches have dug for us and the twisted mindset people have here towards organized religion. So this is something I hate doing but I have studied and thought about it more than anything else lately. A question I often ask people is "Do you believe that Absolute Truth exists in this world? Or do you believe that religion has any truth??" Where do you think that truth came from? It comes down to why Christ put his "Absolute Truth" within a structure of Organized and Ordained Leadership. Could he have introduced His Perfect Gospel plan in any other way? Something to also take into account is the Perfect tool a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator is in the hands of God. Think of it, God perfectly maintains a balance and climate for us as his children here on earth for our personal and individual growth. He balances perfectly His evidence of truth and our obligation to exercise our agency and take steps of faith. Haha! don't know if that makes sense but that's what was on my mind. It's a task to explain this all to your every day Aussie but it's something I have really been working on.



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