Thursday, February 16, 2017

Week 79 - Rockingham, Rockingham Zone, Western Australia - February 16, 2017

Happy birthday to Dad, NANA, and King, I am sorry I was late on it but I love all you 3 so much and especially on this special month!

This week President Fife came out with us...that's always fun haha. I sat in the car alone with him as we traveled and he asked me all about dad and his call. He was giving me all kinds of advice to pass on. One thing he did say was that being a mission President for sure is something you wouldn't want to sign up for and if you did you have no clue what you are getting yourself into....Sounds pretty full on but dad will handle it I'm sure:)

One of our investigators we found a few weeks back tracting is really progressing well. We taught him another lesson and he agreed to say a prayer at the end. After he did, he was really feeling the spirit and so we put him on date right then and there... He is a real humble dude...such a rare gem in the land down under!

I already told mom, but in my interviews Pres Fife told me that he's not gonna have me go home in July but that's all good with me. I wanna finish the full 2 anyways!

Had zone meeting this week and we focused purely on the teachings of Elder Bednar from the missionary broadcast about the doctrine of Christ. It was awesome! The spirit was strong as we taught how to teach the Atonement and Repentance with greater power! Pres Fife was also there so he added to the meeting.

I am sorry about the short letter. I always mean to send better ones but I get distracted...the two hours go by quick! I am writing again in a few days tho so I will try harder then! I love you all:)!!!


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