Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 81 - Perth, Western Australia - February 27, 2017 - Atomic Spirit Bomb

Hello Family! It has been pretty hectic so i will fill you in on all I can.

So this last Thursday I was enjoying my day down in Rockingham and I got a call from Pres. Fife and he called me to be his Assistant...And told me that i was leaving the next morning so I could be here when Elder Renlund came and learn how that's all done... i was pretty gutted to leave the ward so soon. The members were seriously sooo cool...

So the assistants came down and picked me up and it's pretty much been full throttle from there....there was so much to do with Elder Renlund coming and heaps of departing missionaries. We have been running around the whole time driving to and from the airport picking up and dropping off missionaries coming in from country areas...Good news is President Fife told me that we never should be this busy again...and he wants us to spend as much time in our area as possible so we will see if that comes true:) My comp is Elder Vainikolo From New Zealand. He is THE MAN. Such a solid missionary. I am gonna learn heaps from him.

So on the day Elder Renlund came it was a good 108 degrees so Perth gave him a nice welcoming:) Then we all took a mission photo with him. Elder Hallstrom was also there...I think he recognized my last name as we were in the line shaking hands...he didn't say anything tho...

The meeting was a spirit BOMB! The mission came prepared and ready to feed...

Elder Hallstrom talked about 3 things we needed to decide TODAY on our missions...

1. Gain a vision. That vision will inspire you to 2. make a covenant which will be followed through with 3. Diligence. He was pretty much also just prepping us up to hear Elder Renlund - telling us all that this needs to be a turning point in our missions.

Elder Renlund is a very soft spoken man. He takes the opposite approach than Elder Holland haha but his talk was really good. He talked about how the Savior asks us to be friends with him....He talked about how a friend relationship Is different between that of a servant and a master...He talked of the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood and what it really means to be blessed with ALL that the Father has...And how we are all Joint Heirs with Christ. I need to go over my notes again but we haven't had time...I have no question he is a Special Witness of Christ...The world doesn't produce men of his Character. I've lived down here long enough to realize that. It was a special day and the mission is in really good spirits!

This work is true! Who am I to deny the Power of God. I am a witness of God's Love and of his Reality. Each one of you can count on me to stay true to the Savior until I am safely Dead. I won't let you down. What a blessing in my life to hold up the Light of the world and draw all men unto HIM. Salvation Comes only in and through Jesus the Christ...President Fife just walked into the office and wants to talk. Gotta go:)


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