Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 26 - Gosnells, Southern River Zone, Western Australia - February 8, 2016 - Nice and Momo.

This week has been nice and momo:) (As a little child, Mitch would use this word for "comfy".  It stuck with the family and we say "nice and momo" when we are happy with our surroundings. However, I think he is referring to the weather here) and there are 2 weeks of nice and momo days ahead I am so excited!:)......other than blisters developing on my dozzler I am doing so GOOD!  Thanks for all the letters! They fill my soul with JOY! I can't believe Kenzie has one more She is such a work of life. Our separation period is half over! Oh, and before I forget Happy Birthday to Big Animal (his Lake Powell name - his dad), NANA, and KING (his almost 17 year old twin siblings, Mary Anna and Matthew)! I send my love from the land down under:) I always think of things to tell all of you throughout the week but I know I end up forgetting 90% of it. I've thought about making a list throughout the week but if you know me you know that's not my nature so I'll just try my best. 
This week was really good. So a few weeks back we met a man named C walking his dogs. We talked to him and he agreed to have us around the next day, Well the next morning rolled around and he sent us a txt and cancelled it saying he isn't interested so we just forgot about him. A few days ago he called us asking if he could get a ride to church! We said for sure and then we asked if we could come around before church and teach him....He agreed. It was a super powerful lesson. He is a very humble guy with a rough past and no family. He is in the perfect place in his life to accept the gospel. At the end of the lesson we explained to him what a priesthood blessing was and then he asked for one. He came to church the next day and loved it. He has some addictions to overcome but he agreed to work towards the 26th for now so we will see! (pray for him)  The Brazilians didn't show but we are going around tomorrow to see how they are and hopefully share a message I know they would accept the restored gospel we just have to get in there! E, the 17 year old African young man, came to church. He is on date for the 26th also.  The only possible road block would be his mother who is a member of another faith. He loved church so much and seriously even expressed the desire to serve a mission! He loves Elder Brinkerhoff and I. Part of being a good missionary is about being a really really really good friend and constantly making people feel good about themselves  E told us he never wants us to leave Gosnells so that sums up our relationship with him. L also came to church in the third hour after we ran out of class and waved her down on the highway haha! Her kids kinda went hog wild sooooo we will see her later this week and see how she feels. 
We have a cottage evening gathering type thing for our District's investigators tonight so we will be inviting them all to that. It is at a recently returned missionary's house, His name is Riki. He is the absolute man. He has been teaching with us a lot!  He and I have become super close. He is a convert and is the perfect fellowshipper for like all of our gators. haha He is one of those people who can just love anyone!
Elder B and I have been seeing MIRACLES as we have worked like HOGS. I know the Lord is with us in the work! I love the Savior, Jesus Christ! I have been learning much of him as I serve him. I want to be like him, I want to do those things that please HIM! That is the deepest desire of my heart! I love you all! 
Btw... we helped our neighbour move and he rewarded us quite well! haha... he forced us to take like 200$ basketball shoes - a pair each! haha I will send a picture. We actually took a lot of their old furniture and put it in our flat so we are livin the high life these days with like 3 big couches haha.  
Elder Cordner

                         Elder Ta'ala and I. This is his hat is like 110 degrees this day. 
One of my best mates on the mission. We were on exchanges and literally tracted 12 hours straight!

Random picture.  Baby Roo.
The shoes our sick neighbour gave me... They fit perfect! They are super nice!

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