Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week 25 - Gosnells, Southern River Zone, Western Australia - February 1, 2016 - STRALIA MATES

I forgot to show you how we do our 
planning at night haha. We mix it up to keep things interesting.

This week was a pretty good one:) Very busy! There are like 9 departing missionaries in our zone so we have been having to do some organizing to get them all out and the new fresh ones in! We definitely keep busy!

The weather has been rather wet this week! It was a nice mix up. I love tracting in the pouring rain. It just baffles people!

So Elder Brinkerhoff and I were super excited. We worked our tails off and we were expecting 8 people at sacrament meeting (by expecting, I mean pleading for a miracle) only 2 came....But if I could've chosen 2 it would have been these 2:) It was the Brazilian Family N and G and their little son L. They loved church and the ward was super friendly. Oh and I also gave a talk in church. They were so astounded that someone as young as me could confront such an audience and speak my mind. haha. We are pleading for the Lord to further open them up. They are a busy couple but I believe they are planning on church this next week so we will try to see them before then!

It is so crazy the difference between the 2 areas I have served in thus far. They are two total opposites like 2 different missions but I have loved it. I love being a missionary of this true church. I find it so cool how whenever I think of all I have been blessed with I am filled with God's love. Every single time I find myself pondering my life situation and blessings, it is followed, without fail, with the words which are quiet and still but very real "I expect so much from you." I know that I have a labor to perform! Although I am such a sinner and I am so imperfect, I will strive my entire life to give EVERYTHING to my Father. He expects sooooo much from each one of us. It is made obvious by the positions we are in to serve our brothers and sisters! Through Christ's grace we are perfected......eventually. I love you all! Thanks for the letters and have a nice week:)


Elder Cordner


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