Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 23 - Gosnells, Southern River Zone, Western Australia - January 18, 2016 - The work don't stop.

WHAT IS UP??? Sounds like things back home are going beautiful:) Rio just told me he benched 390 Uncle Jared just emailed me and said he is running a few marathons in a couple months????...impressive. Ryan told me that he is being looked at by a few D1 universities for bball....and Nelson just wrote me and said his eye has been healed and his shoulder feels great! sooo good to hear some great news from home:) Oh and King louie has taken over as rightful successor to the Egyptian throne...nice king. (Is he trying to imagine what the news would be if you guys wrote?)  

This week was soooo good I don't have a lot of time but I'll sum up a few things that happened and then send some pics. Well, we met with that Brazilian family which was a miracle we even found and we dropped a SPIRIT BOMB! N which is the mommy was crying, the spirit was very powerful. We will hopefully put her and her husband G on date this week. Please pray for them to be blasted to the floor by the spirit:)

We are teaching a homeless man named C who lives under a bridge near our home. I would explain his story but it would take forever. He is from NEW ZEALAND and he was baptized when he was 8...biggest shocker ever -such a miracle. We have been meeting with him and he has been coming to church for 3 weeks. He absolutely loves us because we climbed along the side of the bridge to get to his little area where he lives.  It was like 30 feet above a river.  haha.  It was fun. I'll send some pics of where he lives under the bridge. He is so solid and is determined to change his life.

There are many more things that happened this week. Elder Brinkerhoff  and I are seeing the Lord's hand quite clearly! I love you all:) Please feel free in joining the entire Southern River Stake and pray for Miracles! Have an impeccable week!

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C's living area.  Go up the ladder and then you find....

his bedroom.

His bedroom is inside the train rails.  He said he gets raddled awake every morning

I had an unreal exchange in the depths of perth city with AP Elder Tutton, my favourite britishman. 
He is such a good missionary... He also came up to Kalgoorlie for exchanges a 
couple months ago so we know each other quite well. Good friend.

P-Day in Fremantle last week.

The boat pic made me a little sad....I think you know why:)

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