Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 35 - Gosnells, Southern River Zone, Western Australia - April 11, 2016 - Holiday's Over!

On the mission General Conference is such a nice little break and a time to spiritually FEAST. I loved it so much! I know that the prophets and apostles direct Christ's Church on the earth today. I know that they have been called of God. If you deny that, I would suggest the spirit has ceased to strive with you....haha just kidding! but idk how people can deny such up front truth and heart-felt testimony! I know I cannot. I'd say my top 3 favorite talks were 1. Elder Hallstrom's talk about the saints in Africa singing 'How Firm A Foundation'  2. Elder Eyring's opening address and 3. of course, Elder Holland's, but I loved all of them so much! It was just the best weekend.

So, things have been going good out here in Gosnells! We are teaching a part member family from New Zealand. We are going over tomorrow to share the Restoration. One of the big stumbling blocks is that no one gets married here. They just call each other "partners" so often times we have to help them understand the law of chastity - which is a toughy haha.
We found an awesome Chinese family with 1 little girl. They are Christian and are looking for a church. We spent some time with them yesterday and they have a lot  of questions but they are very open to attending our church next Sunday. We have 1 Chinese family in the ward so we will be looking to fellowship with them as soon as possible. 
We had Zone Conference this last week. President Fife is the absolute best. He is such a beast! He talked a lot about faith and how we can pray effectively with faith. He also (being a former institute teacher) taught us a lot of doctrine that missionaries normally don't understand properly. Anyways it was a good zone conf.
I saw all the pics of the hike. (Mitch's dad and siblings went hiking in the Grand Canyon for a few days during their spring break) It looked like so much fun! I know that before I know it I will be back with all of you, so I need to give everything while I still can! I love you all thanks for the prayers you offer in my behalf. Have an awesome week back to real life after your break:)

Elder Cordner

Mitch answered some questions I asked him.

We are in one ward.  Western Australia is very wide spread.  In fact, it is the largest constant span of people and homes in the entire world (land mass wise) but we are in one ward of like 200 members with 3 other sets of missionaries.  The members here are very warm and good.  We take members to the lessons with us.  I am sorry my letters are not too descriptive.  A LOT happens that I don't say anything about.  Sorry!  It is fall now and it is cooling down.  We love it so much.  It's been raining the past few days.

Elder B going ANIMAL!

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