Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 36 - Gosnells, Southern River Zone, Western Australia - April 18, 2016 - HOWDY!

Good to hear from all of you!!! I loved seeing all the pictures of the twins looking top notch for the night of all nights! haha. Elder B and I were laughing about that picture that woman sent you mom. That guy was the first ever on my mission that actually chased us down to talk to us! haha It was hilarious!

Some cool things happened this week. We have been seeing a less active family for a while now. We have a really good relationship with them they have a huge piece of land and R parks all his big semi trucks in his backyard. We were helping him feed all his pigs and everything. We had an awesome lesson with them and they came to church for the first time in so many years it was SWEET! They came on the perfect Sunday too! The talks were pretty much speaking directly to them...  

Big R!

Earlier this week I was tracting with our District Leader Elder Arieta from Manila and it was super late, like 8 o'clock, but we had nothing else to do. After tracting, we started biking home and a house just caught my eye for some reason so we stopped and we knocked on the door and this Asian guy answered and we talked to him for a while then we just asked if we could introduce ourselves to anyone in the house (because we heard people joking and laughing). He agreed and we went in and shared the restoration with like 8 university students from Taiwan. It was awesome! We are looking to go back soon and continue to help them develop a faith in a true and living God.

So we met these kids outside of their house and we were talking to them for a while. We ended up going in and teaching them a lesson but they were just smoking pot the whole time. It was just a house filled with kids our age just going hog wild. Funny enough tho -we got a ride for two of them for church and we actually got them there for the full 3 hours! We were nervous because they are such a hostile bunch haha! One of them started blasting his rap out of a big old speaker in his backpack in the middle of church.....but (VISITORS WELCOME) is plastered on our front door so no one was too mad:)  We went to this house last night that was just like those houses on "Horders Buried Alive" I kid you not, no exaggeration....there was crap piled up in every inch of the house with parrots flying around and dogs rummaging through everything. When we got home a cochroach fell out of my shoe when I took it off. Haha!

I love you all! I won't be emailing you until Thursday next week because we are going to go to the Temple.

Every morning when we wake up we are influenced by two Forces, One of those forces deliberately wants to murder us spiritually and physically. He entices us with lies and half truths. He wants all men to be miserable like unto himself. The other force is Our Loving Father in Heaven who influences us through the Holy Ghost. He wants us to grow and develop to become like him. He wants us to have Peace, Confidence, and Happiness in this life and in the life to come. He desires to give us ALL THAT HE HAS. Choose which FATHER will be yours. If we constantly become entangled and lost in the distractions and sins of the world then we are listening to and have chosen the wrong DAD! Invite the Holy Ghost to be your constant companion by the way that you live so that you can listen and obey his loving voice:) I Know That we are all Children of God, but Satan desires to sift us as wheat and have us as his children, tell him to go to h#%$...(oops! -had to edit that.) HAVE A GOOD WEEK:)


These guys are from India. They told us they came across on a boat and they were the only survivors.

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