Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week 37 - Gosnells, Southern River Zone, Western Australia - April 28, 2016 - Happy days mate!

HEYYYY! so its been a really good week just like all the weeks on the mission:)! SO like you all know by now since you tend to find things out before I even email home about them somehow....haha Elder Nielsen (THE Gifford Nielsen) came and spoke to our mission....IT WAS REALLY GOOD!! He had us come prepared having studied Alma 17-29 and we talked all about it and he just had so many cool insights that I had never thought of before. At the end of the conference he left us with a Delegated Apostolic blessing. I found out while on exchanges with the AP's yesterday that he has NEVER given an entire mission a blessing in his life and he has done TONS of mission conferences...SO it was pretty cool he just kept saying that our mission was a very special group and that awesome things are gonna happen here so that pumped me up!!!  Then that night we traveled back to the mission office and had a leadership training meeting with Elder Nielsen. We had dinner with him and President Fife first out in the backyard of the mission home a nice Snag on the barbie! it was cool it was just a few of us missionaries back there and Elder Nielsen was just talking to each of us. He asked what high school I went to and I told him Lone Peak. Then he asked if I played sports so we just sat there and talked back and forth about football for a little and he asked if I wanted to play when I got home. He was SO COOL! But the Leadership meeting was awesome too. Something cool that he said was this "I have toured a lot of missions and let me tell you something! You have the best Mission President in the world...Then he said go home tonight and pinch yourselves because you all have it so good here". Haha... I honestly fully believe him. President Fife is the most fearless non-stop full throttle man I have ever met! He does not slow down ever.

Something you will laugh at- Elder Brinkerhoff and I were dishing up our plates at dinner and President Fife was just talking to us and I tried to crack a joke that I thought would be funny but he shut me down sooooo hard! Hahaha. Elder B and I  have been laughing about it since. (I'm not really laughing... I'm actually embarrassed...)

Earlier this week we went and picked up 2 fresh Tongans from the airport and they stayed with us for the night. That was pretty fun.  

As far as our investigators go, we are working with 2 part member families. They are both interested but they both have the same issue -they are way to involved in their work and they are super busy. E finally just told us he will wait to be baptized when he is 18 in we will continue getting him to church. We have been using so many different tecniques to try to get referrals -none yet but we will continue trying! We have been traccting a lot lately and we have soooo many potentials and investigators but none who are steadily progressing. Oh, we got this old man named T to come to church with us.  He is Seventh-day Adventist but he might come again this next week. When we taught him at his house he fed us toast and jam. I kid you not I had like 15 pieces. He just kept bringing them out! Good thing I bought some laxatives while I was in Kalgoorlie:) Haha! Love you all! Have a good week!!!

Elder Cordner

I don't think the the Horseman is Elder Cordner, but who knows??

Yummy pigs tail I had. My favourite part was the thick bristly whiskers.

After the Temple today.

In the city on the way back from the Temple today.

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