Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 97 - Perth, Western Australia - July 3, 2017 - Tree of Life

YO! It's been "cool as" seeing all the pics and hearing from my Missionary Family!!! What an adventure! I loved the vid of the monkeys Kenzie sent! What a new Existence! And King Louie was telling me how hectic it is..flipppppp crazy....

This week we have seen the Lord's hand in the work big time....Well I guess first off I'll tell you about the guy with the Tree of life dream...So we are working with this member in our area and we got him to go and talk to one of his friends who is Islam about our church....Which he did, several times...He taught him about the restoration and about the Book of Mormon...Not in detail tho...and his friend who's name is S never accepted a Book of Mormon...Keep in mind all the while this member's family and us have been praying for S....So Brother Martin goes over to S's house to see what he is up to and S just pulls him aside and real serious says "Do you believe in visions?" and Brother Martins says "Of Course we believe. God can speak to us in that way" well S then describes this full blown vision he had the day before which perfectly described the Tree of Life....We met with Brother Martin and S the other day to teach him...He was very intrigued with the Book of Mormon and the Story of Lehi's dream but he wasn't just fully on the spot ready to abandon his Muslim Faith....We are still working with him...super cool miracle tho....

We also had this guy referred from one of President Fife's friends back home who used to be a Mission President in Brisbane. His name is V and he is From Chile...anyways this guy came to church yesterday, Apparently he already knows the church is's a super long story about random scenarios that lead him to Utah where he attended church and gained a Testimony. For some reason, ever since he has been in Aussie he hasn't come to church. Tonight we are having dinner at Pres Fife's House and teaching him so that should be a power house lesson....

I got 6 more weeks to Burn the Gas tanks...I am finishing as assistant, which I think will be good. I will still have to give heaps of trainings and all that stuff so I think it will keep me focused!

What a blessing to serve our Master...All at the same time - just in different ways! 
Love you guys!

Elder Cordner

Elder Tahere 

Elder Cordner holding a jellyfish.

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