Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 57 - Lockridge, Dianella Zone, Western Australia - September 12, 2016 - Another Day, Another Place!

It was pure to see the pics and witness the Lake Powell experience via email! It was just as good as actually going:) I didn't see any pics of Chase! Did he actually go??? Anyways, its been an exciting couple days! I was called a few nights ago and told to pack up my stuff and bring it all to a leadership meeting that we had going on. And I found out I would be Doubled into another Zone leader area so we just got Shotgunned "when both Elders just get thrown into a new area and told to start from scratch." SO I am now in the Dianella zone in Lockridge. It's pretty cool cuz we have free reign to anywhere downtown Perth- all the way to Cottlesoe beach. It'll be fun! We will check it all out and have some fun p-days.

It's been really fun just starting fresh and building an area. We couldn't find the area book for ages, then we finally found it and saw that it hadn't been updated for a year.  Haha! That's not good. 

Something I love already is our Stake President. I love HIM!  He is a lawyer and a lot of people here in the stake have been highly offended by him because he is so bold. Haha! I have loved listening to him ever since I heard him speak like 10 months ago. He is the man! Our bishop is cool too! We went and met him last night. His family is cute as he has 5 kids all young and blonde with blue eyes. They were going crazy, crawling all over us all, talking nonstop - super cool family. I have only heard good things about the ward so I am pumped! It's us and a set of sisters in the ward.

Our area is pretty rough. Everyone has been warning us to watch our backs! Our neighbor smokes pounds of pot per day and it beautifully perfumes our home:) Our flat has got to be one of the oldest in the mission! haha! It is nasty! So many elders for so many years.... I am not even gonna bother to try and clean it....might as well take my turn and live amongst the filth....Oh, by the way, I finally believe dad about how big the rats are in Brazil. I have seen rats here that are way bigger than house cats! It's hilarious. 

ME and my comp are gonna smash this area! We are excited! It's so interesting to see how God has set me up in such particular circumstances throughout my mission:) Things never go as planned:) and its usually not what will be easy and fun, but what will help us in each of our own personal ways to draw closer to The Savior and to be reliant upon Him and trust Him. I am starting to see a very personal pattern in my life with how Heavenly Father works with me. I testify that He is in the details of our lives. 

I had a powerful experience in an interview with President Fife....After we had been discussing some goals that I have, he looked me in the eye pointed his finger at me and said, "Nothing good about you comes from yourself. Every last bit of it comes from God. There is never a moment in life where you can pat yourself on the back. You remember that". When he said that the spirit surged through me, my vision went blurry and I knew that what he said was absolutely true. I had the strong impression that, that is something God really is trying to help me learn and something I need to learn further for some reason. God is in the very details of our lives! I know He is. I have had Experiences. I will never deny!



The leadership in Southern River Zone before I left.
My new companion, Elder Jackson from Snowflake, AZ.  He was a rabbit farmer before the mission.
I can't wait to see some big ones :)

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