Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week 59 - Lockridge, Dianella Zone, Western Australia - September 27, 2016 - CHILL CITY

Good to hear from you all! The Alpine lingo that the boys and I created is flourishing in the Australia Perth mission! haha! It's so funny how fast our weird language catches on. 

This last week was Mean for sure....We had zone conference that was awesome! We watched "How Rare A Possession" and President Fife put a lot of emphasis on the Book of Mormon and fully utilizing it in our teaching. He also talked about being Swiss Army Knife missionaries, not single blade! He was so excited to pull out his swiss army knife and reveal all the different gadgets but he was a little too hasty and cut himself on the thumb! haha! Awesome meeting! Elder Jackson and I did Zone meeting yesterday which President Fife came to. We role played teaching President in front of the zone....

Sooo this week we had some really good success teaching, The sisters in our ward had a lot of young African guys that they were teaching so they referred them all to us and that's been good... We are teaching a kid named E who is keen to be baptized once he finds out it is all true. We tracted into a long lost less active kiwi woman who is like 60. We have been teaching her and her partner from South Africa...We went over and taught them. The Spirit was THICK...She couldn't stop crying to save her life and B was just sooo confused as to why she was so emotional. Haha! He is a pure atheist....We have been going around and trying to visit the members with the Spirit so they will all trust us and it's been working really well. I like this ward a lot:) 

A few days ago we unintentionally got involved in quite the dangerous situation! haha...We were visiting with an potential  investigator from Africa. We were meeting with him on his back patio area when his wife came out and started yelling at him. Apparently she is Muslim and she does not want him to meet with us. She was making fun of him and yelling at him etc... This guy that we were meeting with just flips out and attacks his wife and starts bashing her up. We finally pulled him off her and he immediately went inside and destroyed his whole house...He was chucking TVs, chairs, everything....Long story short we spent the next 30 mins stopping Him from murdering his wife while we waited for the police to come....it was soooo intense!!! Haha She was chucking massive rocks at him and she started chucking furniture and everything also....Pretty crazy! It felt like such a movie scene....When the police finally came they got control of the situation and asked us what happened and everything...We didn't want to be involved so luckily we had a YSA kid with us who was able to give reports on the crime scene and provide a statement and everything...We were laughing after because it was the very first lesson we had ever taken this poor young single adult to. Haha...he was soo bewildered.....Sorry if the story scares you mom- just thought it was something exciting to share. We were definitely protected by God. :)

I love being a missionary! I love you guys! Have a good week:)


Dianella Zone

We started teaching this guy.  Turns out he is a long lost less-active.
He got baptized when he was 9.
We are working on getting him back to church.

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