Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 75 - Rockingham, Rockingham Zone, Western Australia - January 16, 2017 - New Scenery

Yes the news is in. I have been transferred. I am now working in the Rockingham Zone with my two companions Elder Moller From Auckland and Elder La'Akulu from Tonga....WE are straight up Homies already so I am super excited For this next upcoming transfer....Its Elder Kulu's second transfer and we are finishing up training him...
Elder Moller is planning on playing for the All Blacks some day so he is a beast.....
It was a little sad saying goodbye to a few people in Lockridge. K was super bummed about it as well as N. But it's all goods. That's what happens on the mission:)
The new ward is straight Poly. It reminds me a lot of my ward in Kalgoorlie just a bit bigger. I love it already. I gave a bit of a talk/introduction yesterday at church. It went all right. I was a bit nervous at first but I ended up talking about the stumbling block of the philosophies of men....I talked about how we need to hold on to things in our lives that are constant...the eternal truths we know of...and seek individual personal revelation...I think it went ok:)
We aren't teaching to many people in this area so we got some work ahead of us but with these guys it'll be a good time:)
I looked on at the new Mission Presidents called and it was pretty cool seeing Dad's name up there. He is gonna be awesome:)
Just know that I am happy and you guys are part of my motivation to serve with my all! I love you all!

The new boys.

N and some of her kids.

K gave me his favorite hat when I told him I was leaving.

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